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  • Diagnosis: cancer; one of the worst things that can happen. The number of cancer patients grows on a daily basis. Some get better, but many do not, so where does the problem lie? Of first and foremost importance is, of course, our diet: FOOD SHOULD BE OUR MEDICINE. It is also very important that we place ourselves in the mindset of a winner, someone who beats the disease, and not someone who is the victim of it. MEDITATION. Because those who have the disease are already in a vulnerable state of body and mind. Words can easily hurt us and shift our perception of ourselves and cause added strain on the immune system that is already under stress and strain, so I advise a strengthening of the immune system. BUT HOW DO WE STRENGHTEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM? To allow the body to fight this disease and stays strong, it is a good idea to consider IMUNOFAN, which not only strengthens the body's immune response, but elevates our mood as well, so that you BELIEVE and KNOW that you are on the right path towards health. This is my experience with dealing with Imonofan and blood cancer, and I would WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend it to any cancer patient.